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How To: Reduce a College’s Carbon Footprint

This year I worked with a team of students to review Dickinson’s Climate Action Plan in order to ensure that the college reaches its goal of carbon neutrality by 2020. Our report will be useful to other higher ed. institutions, … Continue reading

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Sustaining A Species

This article will run in the summer issue of Dickinson Magazine. You’ve probably seen southern Utah in the movies. Sprawling rock formations like the Delicate Arch or Monument Valley loom over a sublime arid landscape. Yet away from these higher, … Continue reading

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Organic Farming at Dickinson College

This article will appear in the summer issue of Dickinson Magazine. The day that I go out to the college farm, it is cow day. It’s hot and the sky is clear. Jen Halpin, director of the organic farm, stands in … Continue reading

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Why is Gas So Expensive?

I know what you’re thinking. Gas be gettin’ pricey up in here. But what about the effects of gasoline we don’t pay to mitigate? Check out Grist to see an in-depth video!

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A Historical Enquiry Into Our Ideas of the Human and the Natural

     Climate change presents environmental disasters truly global in scale, and yet at the intergovernmental level, we can come to little workable consensus. The dilemma itself appears defined; the objective of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change … Continue reading

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Ethics and Evolution: Tensions in Post-Darwinian Literature

In 1809, Jean Baptiste Lamarck’s mechanism for evolution proposed in his essay Zoological Philosophy, namely that the acquisitions and losses of an individual during its lifespan are passed onto its offspring, was roundly rejected by Lamarck’s contemporaries as biologically impossible, … Continue reading

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Plotz

Reprinted from Dickinson Magazine. By Brett Shollenberger Since the release of Dickinson’s Strategic Plan II in 2005, the phrases “engaged citizens” and “environmental sustainability” have been regularly invoked on campus. Yet when these ideals are well integrated into courses like … Continue reading

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Myth Buster

Nick Mallos ’07 Reveals The Reality Of The Eastern Garbage Patch April 1, 2011 Reprinted from Dickinson Magazine. By Brett Shollenberger The Eastern Garbage Patch (EGP) is a floating island of trash twice the size of Texas on which the … Continue reading

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