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Brett Shollenberger is an sustainability consultant, writer, improviser, and editor specializing in the design of higher ed. programs and holistic communications strategies. He has a B.A. in English from Dickinson College, where he was named Ruth Sellers Maxwell Scholar of Literature for 2011. Brett Shollenberger is currently a sustainability programs analyst for GreenerU and an improv comic with Improv Asylum.

Why is Gas So Expensive?

I know what you’re thinking. Gas be gettin’ pricey up in here. But what about the effects of gasoline we don’t pay to mitigate? Check out Grist to see an in-depth video!

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A Historical Enquiry Into Our Ideas of the Human and the Natural

     Climate change presents environmental disasters truly global in scale, and yet at the intergovernmental level, we can come to little workable consensus. The dilemma itself appears defined; the objective of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change … Continue reading

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The Moment of Walden

When a student is first introduced to Walden, it seems that he is told, perhaps rather hastily, that the text and its author are the first of many things. Walden is the ur-text of American nature writing as a genre … Continue reading

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Ethics and Evolution: Tensions in Post-Darwinian Literature

In 1809, Jean Baptiste Lamarck’s mechanism for evolution proposed in his essay Zoological Philosophy, namely that the acquisitions and losses of an individual during its lifespan are passed onto its offspring, was roundly rejected by Lamarck’s contemporaries as biologically impossible, … Continue reading

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Gulliver’s Irrationality

Readings of Gulliver’s Travels are diverse enough to have spawned histories on the critical debate itself. The work was an instant success; upon its anonymous publication in 1726, “it […] became the only subject of conversation; everybody wondered, everybody admired, … Continue reading

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Interview with Abigail Portner

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Reprinted from Artist Advocacy. By Brett Shollenberger. How does a drawing translate into music? And what exactly does a song look like? Abigail Portner is a visual artist who has designed album artwork for Animal Collective and skateboard decks for … Continue reading

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Collecting More of Marianne Moore

Reprinted from Dickinson Magazine, which is usually honorific rather than apologetic, but in this case explains the Carlisle, PA-bias. By Brett Shollenberger The modernist poet Marianne Moore held a place of honor among her contemporaries, such as T.S. Eliot, Ezra … Continue reading

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Plotz

Reprinted from Dickinson Magazine. By Brett Shollenberger Since the release of Dickinson’s Strategic Plan II in 2005, the phrases “engaged citizens” and “environmental sustainability” have been regularly invoked on campus. Yet when these ideals are well integrated into courses like … Continue reading

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Myth Buster

Nick Mallos ’07 Reveals The Reality Of The Eastern Garbage Patch April 1, 2011 Reprinted from Dickinson Magazine. By Brett Shollenberger The Eastern Garbage Patch (EGP) is a floating island of trash twice the size of Texas on which the … Continue reading

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Going for Broke

Tim Potts ’71 And George Hicks ’13 Work To Fix An Ailing State Government April 1, 2011 Reprinted from Dickinson Magazine. By Brett Shollenberger Six years ago, Tim Potts ’71 was mad as hell, and he wasn’t going to take … Continue reading

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